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Child Sleep Studies

Mother and Baby

Infant Nap Study

We’re recruiting infants (7- 9 months) for a 3- part study on nap transitions and memory. Children will play a memory game before and after their naps. We will record brain activity during the nap using a non-invasive electrode cap. Infants will be asked to participate at 9, 12, and 15 months. We offer weekend dates and at-home visits! We will compensate you $200 per time point, for a total of $600 if you decide to complete the full study. Complete our brief screening form here!

Toddler Overnight
Sleep Study

We are recruiting 16 and 21-month-olds (or children close to those ages) for our 3-part study on sleep and memory in toddlers. Each time point consists of one overnight testing session and one daytime testing session. For the daytime session, we would play memory games with your child in the morning. For the overnight session, you and your child would both sleep in the lab overnight while your child wears a sleep cap. Additionally, your child would be asked to wear an actigraph watch, to track their sleep and daily activity, for up to 14 days. You would be compensated $200 per session for a total of $600 if you complete all three sessions. Click here to complete our interest form!

Toddler in Bed
Three Girls

Preschool Sleep Study

We are recruiting children ages 3 - 5 years to participate in a study on the relationship between sleep and memory. This project is a collaboration with the University of Maryland trying to emphasize the importance of healthy sleep for developing children. Participants/caregivers can earn up to $765 for completion of all 3 waves of data collection (3 visits over the course of ~2 weeks at three 6-month intervals).  

During the first and second visits, children will wear activity-tracking watches, as well as EEG equipment to record naps and overnight sleep. They will also participate in memory games before and after bouts of sleep. At the third visit, we will conduct an MRI scan of the child's brain. Each visit will take ~2-3 hours to complete (excluding overnight sleep time). Some visits are eligible to be conducted in the participants' homes, whereas the MRI session must be done at the MRI facility. Complete our screening form here!

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